Take a Whiff


Until we sort out scratch and sniff pages, Rosalind Thomas reviews some sweet scents.


Marc Jacobs Daisy EDT 50ml $90

Smells like: A romp in the strawberry patch, or a bike ride at dusk just as the jasmine’s coming out.

Suits: If your fantasy getaway car’s a tandem fixie (or a white pony), Daisy is your match made in Sophia Coppola-directed heaven. It’s the fragrance equivalence of a mega blown-out, golden hour, field of wildflowers just wed photo opp. Once you get over the wild strawberry there’s violet petals, gardenia and that jasmine. If it’s summertime wedding you’re a-planning, or if you’re gonna be outside, or if you just want to add a little extra incentive to burst into a frolic-fest on your wedding day, Daisy is the perfume for you. Angus Stone would totally approve.

Roberto Cavalli Nero Assoluto EDP 50ml $110

Smells like: The rain easing after a luxurious massage in your fantasy Ubud honeymoon villa. Or was it Positano?

Suits: Nero Assoluto is seriously sultry. Orchid accord, vanilla, deep shadows and definitely a bit of sexy skin on show. Not afraid of making your fella (or lady for that matter) blush for that first lean into you-may-kiss…? Splash a little of this stuff around. It’s Dan O’Day at his moody best, it’s a single lantern burning at the end of the night. The beauty of this baby though, is that it’s elegantly nuanced and plenty subtle enough for your big day, with a gentle, woody dry-down that whispers sweet nothings in a low tone. Yummy.

Chloé Roses de Chloé EDP 50ml $100

Smells like: This may sounds ridic but… Roses de Chloé smells like roses. Really bloody gorgeous roses, possibly flung into the air with abandon. What more does a girl need to know?

Suits: To any bride who’s even fleetingly contemplated wearing a floral crown (please do), this is your wedding scent. It’s incredibly true to the simplicity of the classic flower, more like wandering through a rose garden in bloom rather than rummaging through Nanna’s jewellery box. Heady with damask but made modern with a touch of bergamot and magnolia, and fading to Chloe’s signature white musk and amber, this beautiful scent is a great day-to-night-er. Just don’t forget your crown.

Vera Wang Lovestruck 100ml $89

Smells like: Edible fun. Flirty, juicy, this fragrance is young romance, freshly squeezed.

Suits: It’s the morning you say “I do”. It’s 6am. Your bridesmaid suggests a quick dash down to the beach to bust out a last single lady sun salutation or two. If this scenario fills you with glee, not dread, Lovestruck is your perfume partner and your hubby-to-be is a lucky man indeed. Bursting with fresh pink guava and mandarin notes, this is a light, feminine, energizing perfume made with only love in mind – it’s Very Wang after all. While the opening is juicy, Lovestruck develops with tuberose and lotus flower (the smell not the yoga move), giving it a refreshing, aquatic character.

Jimmy Choo Flash EDP 60ml $90

Smells like: Not a pair of shoes, thankfully. Rather than eau de heels, it’s eau de kicking up your heels, in the most glamorous fashion.

Suits: Already dreaming of props for you photobooth? This is the perfume to put a megawatt smile on your dial. Proclaimed as an ultra-modern floral, Flash is sparkles in a bottle, with pink pepper, tangerine and strawberries all strutting around being fabulous at first whiff, but with a strong centre of white lily and jasmine and a powdery finish. If you’re more of a city kitten than a country mouse, and take a wine bar over a beer garden any day (or night) this is your scent.

Elie Saab L’Eau Couture EDT 90ml $107

Smells like: According to the creator, it’s the olfactory continuation of the designer’s 2014 SS collection. To us, it smells like almonds floating on clouds.

Suits: Elie Saab gowns are something else. And so is this scent. Soft and light as a swooshy gossamer skirt, as delicate and sparkly as a beaded bodice, the fragrance opens with Calabrian bergamot and orange blossom, blended with classic magnolia. Lift the veil, so to speak, and gently comes floral freshness and green almond notes falling into an almond accord and a bed of vanilla. This perfume is all about capturing the transitory and the just bloomed. Fitting for your wedding day? We think so.

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