Tainted Love

Secret Weapons

The Purist Jojoba Company 100% Natural Jojoba + Rosehip Oil, $24.95 But that’s not a serum, you cry! Geez Louise, yes it’s an oil, obvs. But my loves, if palmitoyl pentapeptides put you into a spin, the best way to get awesome skin superheroes into your skin naturally is through a high quality blend of oils … Continue reading

Take a Whiff

Until we sort out scratch and sniff pages, Rosalind Thomas reviews some sweet scents. Marc Jacobs Daisy EDT 50ml $90 Smells like: A romp in the strawberry patch, or a bike ride at dusk just as the jasmine’s coming out. Suits: If your fantasy getaway car’s a tandem fixie (or a white pony), Daisy is … Continue reading

Back to Basics

It might sound crazy, being told to eat as your prehistoric ancestors would. But in a world of processed food with a diabetes and obesity problem, fans of the Paleo diet see it as a back-to-basics approach that will make you feel good, be healthier and even live longer. So is Paleo all it’s cracked … Continue reading

When Size Is Relative

Ross Harley is a perfect fit for this year’s Biennale of Sydney, all our relations.  He’s showing work descended from a wildly successful collaboration of a carnival nature, The Cardoso Flea Circus which toured globally in performances spanning six years. The Fleas’ offspring is much more conservative in one sense – the Head of COFA’s … Continue reading


Ben Ellis has taken up running. It’s a way to combat the first twinge of ageing in the 37 year-old’s body. But, loping through the streets of London, his current home, is an especially dangerous hobby for the NIDA’s commissioned playwright for 2012. Ellis is a man under constant assault, bombarded wherever he goes… by … Continue reading

The Real You

Discover the clothes that express your personality, and you’ll love getting dressed every day. Our stylist showed these women how to stand out from the crowd!

Dress Rehearsal

Three Prevention Editors reveal their dress dramas and turn to a stylist for frock satisfaction.

Heartfelt Weddings

This year, 82 per cent of brides will take their husband’s name. They’re not doing it because they have to, and any newlywed will tell you it sure isn’t a simple process. But as weddings turn into productions, family rules relax, cultures combine and love appears later, couples want ways to make their weddings more heartfelt. It’s a … Continue reading

2 For The Money

More than sex, housework or kids, money is the thing that can turn happy couples into Madge and Guy. And here’s some more cheery news: in times of economic crisis, people are more likely to divorce – according to Relationships Australia, 40 per cent of us say money is a major source of relationship stress (in 2006, that figure was 18 per cent). … Continue reading