The Accords

The Accords | Australian Scent Selectors

Quite proud of this bouncing new baby –  The Accords, home to all my fragrance related ramblings and Laura Reid’s incredible photography. Cath Beaton from Live By 5 worked juusssst a little beyond her advertised hours of operation to create this beautiful fragrance finder page, so reviews are searchable by your favourite smell.   Heaps … Continue reading

Skin Scents

AKA Hotness in a bottle: perfumes that heighten your pheromones Published: Body+Soul Back in the ’80s, an anonymous financier (I’m getting Jonah Hill in Wolf of Wall Street) paid for a bunch of studies into human pheromones. You can guess what he was hoping for, right? Hotness in a bottle, like, science harnessing the power … Continue reading