Rocked in the Cradle of Scent

THERE ARE OVER 3,000 KILOMETRES of coastline that sandwich Oman between the desert (Rub’ al Khali, ‘The Empty Quarter’), and the Arabian Sea. Its geography affords the mainly Ibadi Muslim Omanis with a buffet of desert plains, mountain peaks and astonishing oases. While modern tourism is fresh, Oman was long ago dubbed the Cradle of Scent, a trade centre distributing what was once more precious than gold: frankincense.

The Accords

The Accords | Australian Scent Selectors

Quite proud of this bouncing new baby –  The Accords, home to all my fragrance related ramblings and Laura Reid’s incredible photography. Cath Beaton from Live By 5 worked juusssst a little beyond her advertised hours of operation to create this beautiful fragrance finder page, so reviews are searchable by your favourite smell.   Heaps … Continue reading

Skin Scents

AKA Hotness in a bottle: perfumes that heighten your pheromones Published: Body+Soul Back in the ’80s, an anonymous financier (I’m getting Jonah Hill in Wolf of Wall Street) paid for a bunch of studies into human pheromones. You can guess what he was hoping for, right? Hotness in a bottle, like, science harnessing the power … Continue reading

6 Ways to Party Smarter

Take a Whiff

Until we sort out scratch and sniff pages, Rosalind Thomas reviews some sweet scents. Marc Jacobs Daisy EDT 50ml $90 Smells like: A romp in the strawberry patch, or a bike ride at dusk just as the jasmine’s coming out. Suits: If your fantasy getaway car’s a tandem fixie (or a white pony), Daisy is … Continue reading

Good Enough To Eat

What’s great for your insides may benefit you on the outside, too. Common kitchen staples are bumping chemicals off the ingredient lists of many mainstream skincare products, and for good reason: whether you raid the fruit bowl for your next facial or pick up a fortified beauty product off the shelf, food ingredients have serious … Continue reading

When Size Is Relative

Ross Harley is a perfect fit for this year’s Biennale of Sydney, all our relations.  He’s showing work descended from a wildly successful collaboration of a carnival nature, The Cardoso Flea Circus which toured globally in performances spanning six years. The Fleas’ offspring is much more conservative in one sense – the Head of COFA’s … Continue reading

Beauty Saviours

Make Or Break

He’s shorter than you. He wears an earring. He doesn’t open the door for you. He does open the door for you. He has no hair. He has too much hair … While most of us have our own individual dating don’ts, once we’re coupled up, the boundaries can become more uncertain.

Wild Hearts Run Free

Australia’s fashion wunderkind’s name now marks a branding empire. Vive tracks down the designer and her newly appointed CEO to ask: where to next?