Down the Hatch

Part biology lesson, part health clinic – here’s the low-down on your body and nutrition. EAT “We are animals and our bodies are made to process food,” says Dietitian Dr Naras Lapsys ( Take a bite into an apple, and digestion begins immediately via the saliva in your mouth. While your stomach churns things up, … Continue reading

Good Enough To Eat

What’s great for your insides may benefit you on the outside, too. Common kitchen staples are bumping chemicals off the ingredient lists of many mainstream skincare products, and for good reason: whether you raid the fruit bowl for your next facial or pick up a fortified beauty product off the shelf, food ingredients have serious … Continue reading

When Size Is Relative

Ross Harley is a perfect fit for this year’s Biennale of Sydney, all our relations.  He’s showing work descended from a wildly successful collaboration of a carnival nature, The Cardoso Flea Circus which toured globally in performances spanning six years. The Fleas’ offspring is much more conservative in one sense – the Head of COFA’s … Continue reading

Beauty Saviours


Ben Ellis has taken up running. It’s a way to combat the first twinge of ageing in the 37 year-old’s body. But, loping through the streets of London, his current home, is an especially dangerous hobby for the NIDA’s commissioned playwright for 2012. Ellis is a man under constant assault, bombarded wherever he goes… by … Continue reading

Make Or Break

He’s shorter than you. He wears an earring. He doesn’t open the door for you. He does open the door for you. He has no hair. He has too much hair … While most of us have our own individual dating don’ts, once we’re coupled up, the boundaries can become more uncertain.

Drawn to Life

Faking It

  Beauty in an ideal world starts with supermodel genes, pretends away those teenaged sun-soaked summers, adds a full eight hours of blissful sleep every night and hours in a make-up artist’s chair each morning. In real life, good skincare and diet are the keys to youthfulness in the long term but hey, beauty’s only … Continue reading

Breathe Easy

Inhale, exhale … it’s not something you think about, but the way you breathe can have a huge impact on your health. We asked the experts to offer a few tailored techniques to help you relax and repair.

The Real You

Discover the clothes that express your personality, and you’ll love getting dressed every day. Our stylist showed these women how to stand out from the crowd!