The Real You

Discover the clothes that express your personality, and you’ll love getting dressed every day. Our stylist showed these women how to stand out from the crowd!

Dress Rehearsal

Three Prevention Editors reveal their dress dramas and turn to a stylist for frock satisfaction.

Heartfelt Weddings

This year, 82 per cent of brides will take their husband’s name. They’re not doing it because they have to, and any newlywed will tell you it sure isn’t a simple process. But as weddings turn into productions, family rules relax, cultures combine and love appears later, couples want ways to make their weddings more heartfelt. It’s a … Continue reading

2 For The Money

More than sex, housework or kids, money is the thing that can turn happy couples into Madge and Guy. And here’s some more cheery news: in times of economic crisis, people are more likely to divorce – according to Relationships Australia, 40 per cent of us say money is a major source of relationship stress (in 2006, that figure was 18 per cent). … Continue reading

Let Them Eat Cake

With a few tips from our cake gurus, choosing “the one” for your wedding will be a truly sweet experience. It’s time for a bite!

Swimming in Success

Jodhi Meares has from the early days steered Tigerlily swimwear through 10 years of success and, according to this savvy businesswoman to watch, the best is yet to come.

Your Best Body

A Saturday night on the town takes about an hour to prep… two if you need to get out the GHD. So how long would you spend on your beauty regimen for a big event such as your wedding – that special moment when you walk down the aisle with myriad eyes upon you? From … Continue reading

Wild Hearts Run Free

Australia’s fashion wunderkind’s name now marks a branding empire. Vive tracks down the designer and her newly appointed CEO to ask: where to next?