25 Hottest Hairstyles

From up and elegant to soft, sweet and flowing, there’s a look for you…

Put A Ring On It

Beauty writer Rosalind Thomas shares a cautionary nail tale, plus tips for classic looks and the essentials for gorgeous hands and nails

Step Into The Light

Need to be rescued from your routine? Vive sheds some light on the new technology that can release you from the beauty treadmill – lasers.

Coming Up Cashmere

Whatever you do or dream, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. (Goethe)

Fit For A Queen

… Or rather, a prince and princess. Enjoy the high life as only Monaco can offer, the destination of high rollers since the 19th century.

Rare Vintage

Aquitaine – France’s ‘land of water’ – is quickly becoming known as the second South, a pleasure state of the world’s finest wines, regional charms and heritage gems.

Food Forward

Are you yearning for grandma’s home cooking? A victim of speed shopping? You’re not alone. Vive gets the inside scoop on food fashion from those in the know.