The Accords

The Accords Fruitchoulis

Strike the keys on a piano to create a chord, a harmony. In perfumery, single notes are combined to create a scent that has the power to transcend its components – an accord. These are the combinations, sometimes simple and classic, sometimes bizarre or unexpected, that make fragrance magic. And we want to stay in that magic…

Rosalind Thomas, beauty writer and self-confessed perfume junkie, together with her talented photographer Laura Reid, are excited to present The Accords. Yep, we made a perfume baby. Building on Thomas’s extensive freelance work, The Accords provides a new forum for fragrance-focused content in Australia.

The Accords is consumer targeted, beautifully designed and committed to quality photography and lighthearted, relatable copy. The site presents trend pieces, latest release write-ups, long-form reviews, and a fragrance finder feature that allows visitors to search visually by their favourite perfume notes.

The Accords